“The first time I rolled boogie dice, I couln’t stop laughing. Something about watching it come to life just made me giddy.”

Inside the Magic

“The creators of the Boogie Dice have worked hard to ensure that even though the dice are filled with electronics, they are still perfectly balanced for truly random rolls and results.”

The Boogie App 

Boogie Dice are activated and programmed by sound. Change the dice’s behavior by playing the special tones near the dice; to set roll duration, LED colors, switch to ‘game mode’ and more.

“We have reached  the latest, greatest plateau of technological advancement. 
It’s Boogie-Dice”

Inside the Box:

  • 2 Boogie Dice
  • Charger
  • 2 Boogie Dice games
  • Free App

“These dice are so cool they’ll actually make you want to play Yahtzee”


Nimrod is an inventor, app developer and crowd-funding rock-star. His first creation, Pressy, was a breakthrough success, and Nimrod has plenty more great ideas up his sleeve.

Previous product: Pressy

Nimrod Back
Co-Founder & CEO

Lead Game Designer

Saar is an inventor, game designer, product developer and patent writer. Saar not only comes up with great ideas, but has the energy, imagination and enthusiasm to make them happen.

Previous games: The Agents, The Agents Returns , King Down

Saar Shai
Co-Founder & Lead Game Designer

Marketing & Community Director

Alicia is a London-raised, international communications expert. She loves writing, story-telling, building brands and communities and making great ideas grab you by the nose.

Alicia Zur-Szpiro
Marketing & Community Director


Nir is an expert in all things tech, with a specialism in sound recognition. As a seasoned CEO and CTO of Verbal Machines, he knows how to power both people and computers.

Nir Dvash

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